Sunday, February 16, 2014

Folks are dumb where I come from (updated)!

"Right across Queensland, tourism is surging ahead" Gavin King, Ass. Tourism Minister and Member for Cairns, facebooked following the latest Cairns Airport numbers. "The tourism turnaround hasn't happened by accident" with policy measures cited.

Source: ABS international arrivals & departures
Queensland recorded a new historic low share for this series in December 2013 with no indication yet of the trend being turned around. And the winner is those southern sophisticates at Visit Victoria. What, an indigenous arts festival in Melbourne! Now who would have thought of that dumb idea?

OK, I have removed my cynical YouTube clip of Judy Garland 'doin what comes naturally' and have updated and rewritten what was a somewhat flippant Sunday session post to try and make more coherent sense.

My trolling efforts have produced more thoughtful and appreciated contributions from Conus: The tourism "turnaround"; and Queensland Economy Watch: Qld's falling share of international tourism in Australia, which includes a better graph than mine.

Perhaps Queensland should stick to what it knows best and attempt to recapture the bogan market rather than compete with the Melbourne sophisticates?


  1. I thought King was referring to the January figures in his speech?
    But of a disingenuous post here Mark!

  2. Thankyou anonymous. I would prefer to think of it as disrespectfully flippant rather than disingenuous. The quote I have used relates to the member claiming credit for a turnaround in tourism in Queensland. The January airport numbers were used as an opportunity to express this claim.

    I have posted in response the most recent ABS data for an international tourism indicator which doesn't appear to support that there has been a turnaround in market share as yet. This is a more relevant indicator for policy.

    In that respect my post is not disingenuous at all but rather the member is disingenuous for claiming the airport data as an indicator of policy success. Presumably he will take credit for the strong summer tourism season being reported elsewhere such as Tasmania.

    Re the January airport numbers there should be caution in comparison with the previous year when the month did not include Chinese New Year. The international terminal numbers actually appear weak in that respect.

    There is a more balanced and less flippant post on this today at Queensland Economy Watch: Qld's falling share of international tourism in Australia

  3. I liked the flippancy! As far as TNQ is concerned there has been something of a "turnaround" although it's drawing a pretty long bow to claim LNP policy as the driver for the pick-up in Chinese arrivals.

  4. When it comes to state tourism policy there has been a view put that state based marketing is wasteful and becomes zero sum cancelling each other out, at least domestically. I think there maybe a paper at the Australia Institute on that somewhere and the PC may have made some comments also. I've never been convinced that state marketing could be particularly effective at branding at an international level either rather than a national and regional approach.

    The Victorian success would possibly be the argument that it can be effective? It isn't lost that the introduction of direct budget flights between Cairns and Melbourne was also taken up enthusiastically by local residents taking their cash elsewhere for the weekend!

    I do note that @mattcowgill tweeted last year that the appearance at a café of a table manufactured form old espresso machines could be a signal that 'peak melbourne' had been reached?!

  5. Have you seen the NSW marketing to India? We saw generic Australia advertising on TV in India during a recent visit. Absolutely no cut through and boring in this market that loves overstatement and escapism in their media (in my opinion) NSW is trying to talk to the audience at least...