Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chrissy Pyne applies Gonski gap-filler to Cape York

Chrissy Pyne flew into the Far North this week to talk education. There seem to have been some mixed reports with this appearing today at the Cairns Post. Puzzling messages from Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne.
Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has puzzled indigenous education experts after stating current funding levels may not be raised, but instead funding could be spent in a "better way".
The Pyne visit also included a day trip up to Bamaga with Warren Entsch. Numbers previously released last year indicated the state school at Bamaga would receive a 75% boost in funding over the 2013-2019 period from the Gonski reforms. Previous posts on this here have been:

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Mind you some confusing funding messages should probably have been expected from the duo. Chrissy and Wazza are always such a hoot when they get their heads together to sort out numbers!

They also previously had problems with confusion and conflicting reports on other issues:  Mothers, take note of this pair.

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