Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wing Cheung Tony Fung #2

This is the current ASIC extract for Aquis at the Great Barrier Reef Pty Ltd, which is understood to be the corporate entity making an application for a $4.2 billion integrated resort development at Yorkeys Knob which includes Australia's largest casino:

Yes, it is a $1 company with a single share held by Tony Fung. As previously noted it did take a few changes to get to this: Gateway to the Greta Barrier Reef
The bid for Reef Casino is being made by a separate company, Aquis Casino Acquisitions Pty Ltd, with 100 fully paid $1 shares held by Wing Cheung Tony Fung.

Be reassured! They have a nice office in the Cairns Square development. You just need to get out on Level 2 and follow the signs around the corner to the office of Suters PGD Architects.


There was an updated Hong Kong rich list released just last week by Forbes. Tony Fung continues to appear nowhere with #50 starting at US$ 1 billion. There are some Fungs listed but do not appear to be related.

The OLGR regulator has previously indicated a casino licence would typically be subject to "probity investigations which typically consider a range of matters, including financial stability, business ability, reputation and criminal history".

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