Friday, January 10, 2014

Unemployment vulnerability mostly misses Cairns

A post at The Conversation on employment vulnerability throws up some perhaps surprising findings: Unemployment ... coming to a suburb near you.

This identifies suburbs of existing disadvantage job-loss localities and emerging disadvantage job-loss localities. It may surprise some that no Cairns suburbs appear on the existing disadvantage list for regional Queensland urban centres. Edmonton does make an appearance on the emerging list.

Some of the localities which appear on the emerging list don't fit what may be stereotypes of potential disadvantage:

These areas are not usually associated with social disadvantage. While they share the employment characteristics of the other potential job loss suburbs — low formal education levels, higher levels of part-time employment and employment in vulnerable industries — on other indicators of disadvantage they appear as some of Australia’s middle suburbia. Existing levels of joblessness tend to be lower in many of these localities and formal attachment to the paid workforce is strong.

In regional Queensland inclusion of suburbs around Gladstone and Mackay stand out, and also Emerald. These have all been boom centres based on resource related construction. W.A. also stands out on state comparisons:

It will be interesting to track how this plays out if the national unemployment rate does rise further as some anticipate. The full research paper was published in November 2013 with a link here: Employment Vulnerability in Australian Suburbs

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