Thursday, January 16, 2014

The plain package postcode?

Among the items of local data to be revealed today the one which achieved the most news was this which was also picked up by the Cairns Post: Australia's sexiest postcode is Cairns with locals purchasing highest number of adult sex toys

With Cairns in first place, Queensland's Mackay postcode of 4740 shared second place with Sydney's CBD (postcode 2000), followed by Campbelltown (postcode 2560) in third place and Melbourne CBD (3000) in fourth.
Femplay spokeswoman Lea-Anne Trevillion said they were surprised that Cairns topped the list, as they expected most of their orders would come from Sydney or Melbourne.
"We knew it's hot in Cairns, but we had no idea it was so sizzling in the bedrooms," she said.
As previously and frequently pointed out here the Cairns 4870 postcode has one of the largest populations in Queensland. Guess what? Another with an anomalously large population is Mackay!

For whatever reason Cairns and Mackay ended up with fewer postcodes with much larger populations than is usual in metropolitan zones, and also compared to Townsville and Rockhampton.

Channel 7 Sunrise wanted to know "what is going on in North Queensland?" The answer may be that for sex toy statistics size does matter!

I couldn't find any further information at Femplay but did discover several other items of interest.

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