Friday, January 17, 2014

Cairns rentals moving on up

The RTA have updated their rental data for the December 2013 quarter. These are median rents based on rental bonds lodged for each class of property such as 2br units, 4br houses, etc. There is excellent data here back to 2009 however in a rather frustrating series of excel files which require some manipulation for further analysis and graphs.

So I will just do a quick and nasty selected cut & paste for now. These numbers are 3br houses and look to be fairly typical of comparative trends among the sectors. Only Cairns here has shown a rental increase over two years, with a significant fall in Mackay. Cairns has now caught up with Townsville.

I have also thrown in Isaac where the numbers represent almost entirely the mining towns of Moranbah and Dysart.

Note re Aquis: Beware the unintended consequences of a construction boom. I would have thought affordable student accommodation around JCU should already have been flagged on that?

  Dec Qtr 11 Dec Qtr 12 Dec Qtr 13
  Rent ($) New Bonds Lodged Rent ($) New Bonds Lodged Rent ($) New Bonds Lodged
Cairns Region 305 445 330 407 340 452
Townsville Region 350 365 350 338 340 373
Mackay Region 450 302 470 253 395 402
Isaac Regional Council 1700 108 500 129 340 161

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