Thursday, December 12, 2013

The long march north

The topic of the week has been Holden cars, or rather the imminent demise thereof, and it seems every parrot in the pet shop has an opinion:

Australian disease spreads unchecked

Good riddance to the great Australian icon

Holden: this nauseating job-loss porn fails to ask the hard questions

Holden's production here can't just be for sentiment

Holden demise is not all bad news

Holden's eight hard lessons for Abbott

John Quiggin: The end of GMH

Apparently Tony Abbott has suggested the Olympic Dam expansion can be raised from the dead to be the salvation of South Australia. I actually see this clever diversionary ploy as part of the coalition policy for Northern Australia.

Is the demise of Holden to be the first step in the long march northward for South Australian refugees in the drive to develop the north?

Queensland Economy Watch has also taken a particular interest in the car industry: New government should reject car industry begging

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