Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gateway to the Greta Barrier Reef

There is yet but scant information at the Aquis website re their $4.2 billion development proposal with the most detail provided possibly the name of the company: Aquis Resort at the Great Barrier Reef Pty Ltd (ABN 95 160 204 384).

An ASIC search throws up some interesting information on the company's short history. It was initially registered in September 2012 as 4JS Developments with the registered office at accountants Moore Stephens in Innisfail. 4JS Pty Ltd has also been the name and company for the Fung cowpasture investments.

Then this year the office shifted and in June there was a name change on the 26th to properly reflect the business: Aquis Resort at the Greta Barrier Reef Pty Ltd.

Some clever person seems to have quickly sussed that this didn't look quite right so subsequently next day there was another change to Aquis Resort at the Great Barrier Reef Pty Ltd.


Coincidentally perhaps, Chinese dishes are listed as a speciality in the bistro at the Greta Workers Club. Though I'd be inclined to stick to the sweet & sour pork.

Note: I knew where to look because many years ago I have actually been to the Greta Workers Club! Coincidentally Greta is also nearby Cessnock the home town of the Member for Cairns. Cessnock is known as "The Gateway to Greta". Mere coincidence?

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