Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Daltonism of the Year!

There are times when I question whether I am too tough on the Cairns Post, our local monopoly journal of ignorance. Then I slap myself and think better. The term "Compost" was first taught to me by an award winning features writer for the "Compost" itself!

As we approach year end the media professionals (previously known as journalists) at the Compost are falling over themselves in quest to win the inaugural Loose Change 'Daltonism of the Year Award'. This award is for disregard of accuracy and facts which may interfere with the narrative around our great city.

It's a no brainer:
Cairns Chamber of Commerce's sport industry development manager Kevin Maher said Cairns was on the same latitude as Rio de Janeiro and would be perfect for pre-Olympics training.
We may be able to argue about unemployment statistics (?) but surely the geographical relationship twixt Cairns and the 2016 Olympic venue are fixed on the globe by now subject to plate tectonics? Let me quote the latitude and longitude for both venues:

Rio de Janeiro:  22.9083° S, 43.1964° W
Cairns:              16.9256° S, 145.7753° E

Geodetically confused? Well in Queenslander terminology it means the Rio latitude is somewhere just above Rockhampton. I can assist here with a map:

Yes, that's Rockhampton, down there between Bundaberg and Mackay, and smack on the Tropic of Capricorn. It's the place renowned for bulls testicles and which also, unlike Cairns, had the prescience to build its hospital on a hill.

The business editor who lent his name to a verb shares only half the by-line here at this award winning Post article, and I note it is a quote from a manager at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce.  So I am unsure which esteemed body or individual should share more in this prestigious inaugural award?

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