Friday, November 1, 2013

Corks pop as Cairns property clock ticks

A relaxing southern sojourn visiting family on the NSW coast is responsible for the gap in recent blog posts rather than absence of issues. Posts on building height limits, ports strategy, and Aquis may appear sometime. In the meantime Rick Carr at HTW has popped his champagne cork in the most recent CairnsWatch and finally moved the Cairns property from the bottom of his cyclical clock and into recovery mode.

I'm sure Rick feels some relief at this. At his 2012 Cairns Chamber lunch presentation Rick started out by saying his presentation would be the same as the previous year when Cairns was at the bottom and set for recovery. I wonder if Cairns has set some kind of record for the length of time spent at the bottom of the THW clock?

Despite a weak employment market the effervescence is already brimming over the top of the glass at the Cairns Post with the link headline: We Have Lift-off. Nick Dalton has previously reported several dozen of previously non existant lift-offs so the probability is he must get one right eventually?

Nick is impressed that Virgin has opened its biggest regional airport lounge. Perhaps that be because Cairns be biggest regional airport and has been for how long? Lift-off credit, such as Aquis, are apportioned because there must be specific reasons to make sources appear wise while yet again the long held Loose Change outlook that "what goes around comes around" has been overlooked. Conus also has an interesting post on another recent yarn in the Compost: Error-ridden Cairns Post tourism article

Post journalists may be relieved by the prospect of job saving real estate advertising but the "lift-off" has yet to translate into an improved labour market. Rick has this month incorporated internet ads into his Cairns Post job ads series. Will be interesting to see how this goes as there are some difficulties around this which have previously arisen at the widely reported ANZ national job ads series.

Anyway, the tide is in, the sun is shining, and there are better things to do .......

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