Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Not the Cairns Post

Travel, family weddings and communications issues have restricted posts this week however an entertaining item on Aquis casino from Michael West at the SMH is worth a look. I will return to this  later for further comment on Aquis when full connectivity is restored ......
The Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort, with its 750 gaming tables, 1500 pokies, 3750 hotels rooms, 1200 apartments and 130 villas, is far bigger than even Crown's Mecca-on-Yarra itself.
The social benefits of a mega-resort on the Great Barrier Reef are obvious - the fish will love it - but we were keen to evaluate its economic credentials by seeing the Preliminary Economic Impact Assessment for the project prepared by KPMG.
Alas, the office of the Queensland Co-ordinator-General could not help. "The report was commissioned by Aquis. You will have to talk to them about obtaining a copy."
Tracking down Aquis was no mean feat. Following the Crown modus operandi and its streamlined Barangaroo process, the Aquis development had been gloriously splashed across the nearest Murdoch tabloid to kick things off. This time it was The Courier Mail and the Cairns Post as opposed to The Daily Telegraph. But the trail went a tad cold after that, stopping dead with the Queensland Co-ordinator-General and the Aquis Facebook page.

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