Thursday, September 26, 2013

White shoe coral growth scheme

Pursuit of the KPMG economic impact assessment for the Aquis casino proposal led up a dead end with requests refused. The Aquis Facebook presence is also curious with minimal substantive content and lots of panoramic photography and local promotions.

There is a link for feedback here to Howie the social marketing guy, apparently Howie Thomas. His LinkedIn profile also describes Howie as deputy chair of the Barron River LNP. The Aquis Facebook presence also appears to be a conduit for other pages associated with Howie. Among these is Save The Reef which has this compelling offer:

You can BUY NOW online with packages up to $179 for four corals, but what exactly is the authorisation for this coral planting program on the reef?
I have contacted the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority who said: "Thank you for your enquiry regarding the organisation “Save the Reef Now”.  At present, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (the Authority) is not affiliated with any organisation offering to “replant” the Reef." It was advised that any removal or replacement of coral within the park would require approval from the Authority.
Comments in defence of a Facebook query from a sceptic at Save The Reef seem to acknowledge that there is no approval for plantings on the reef? There was a suggestion in Facebook posts of initial research plantings at Fitzroy Island. As far as I am aware Fitzroy is within the GBRMP? Limited impact research is allowed but "only if conducted by an accredited educational or research institution, otherwise a permit is required". The GBRMPA have advised:
Due to the delicate nature of corals, and the various environmental factors that are associated with maintaining healthy and vibrant reefs, I believe that a substantial amount of high level scientific data would be required to ensure beneficial placement, reproduction and general health of any coral being planted.  If this information cannot be provided by the organisation, I would query the sustainability of those actions with the organisation.
There is no such apparent detail provided by Save The Reef of any research organisation. No judgment is made on the veracity of this scheme. At Loose Change we report, you decide?

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