Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Up traveler expertise key to tourism success?

My daily Google email for updates on Cairns news today included a link to Cairns’ Amazing Backpackers Offers Holiday Package for Family. I'm not sure on the ethnic background here but suspect some misinterpretation in translation?

Cairns is home to several resorts that have gained international acclaim. One in every of these Cairns hostels is The Jack, is the simplest and affordable resort in the world. This has achieved an ideal score of one hundred out of one hundred. Resorts in Australia are attempting to remain competitive by finance in selling, facility upgrades and growth, and providing a much better expertise for tourists.

According to Deloitte Access Economics' edifice and tourism Outlook, the Australian edifice and resort trade is anticipated to still grow till Gregorian calendar month, 2015, with revenue per offered space rising by four.8 % and national pct increasing steady. However, the progress of the trade depends considerably on the government's temperament to produce the mandatory support, like encouraging investment, increasing the business manpower and up traveler expertise. Though things are wanting up for the Australian edifice and resort trade, there square measure still several things that require to be worn out order for the trade to understand its true potential.


They certainly seem to have been unusually impressed by The Jack as a resort. Obviously Tony Fung has it all wrong!


  1. Love it! Although I'm not sure that "Most travelers have religion in its facility.." is strictly true!

  2. What? Most 'travelers' in The Jack don't have religion? I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!