Sunday, September 8, 2013

The consequences of Tony Abbott

A new era opened in Australia last night as a grinning Tony Abbott stood at his lectern to declare victory, surrounded strangely by three daughters dressed in white, and announced:

"I can inform you that the government of Australia has changed for just the seventh time in 60yrs".
Ummm, well actually that would be the 6th time Tony?

Never mind, that was 24 hours ago and according to ABS estimates 403.7 Australians have since died. I expect Steve Lewis will byline an exclusive analysis and front page headline in tomorrow's Sydney Tele?

Meanwhile the verified twitter response to the election result from Rupert Murdoch has been widely noted:
Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch 23h
Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy.Others nations to follow in time

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