Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aggregate hours worked by State

Following that last post I thought I would graph aggregate hours worked by state but have indexed this to July 2007 = 100 for all states. The economic world was almost everywhere beautiful in July 2007, an era when John Howard knew boats?!

So that should represent the proportional change in aggregate hours worked in each state. This will of course also be correlated with employment and population growth by state.


I have tried to match states to colour here although must say was disappointed by the maroon shades offered in Excel! ACT drew last straw and took yellow!

Tasmania is clearly a concern also reflected I suspect by big swings at last weekends election. ACT is actually interesting. What happened to that ever growing army of public servants in Canberra sucking the national economic lifeblood? Bludgers probably all went home early on a Friday afternoon something you would never find in the hard working Cairns private sector!

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