Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paying off Queensland's debt $5 at a time?

The Courier-Mail and Cairns Post have run a yarn on opening up national parks to eco-tourism: National park opening will give huge camping access to Great Barrier Reef

TOURISTS will be able to camp on dozens of unspoilt atolls on the Great Barrier Reef under a Newman Government plan to cash in on the state's pristine beaches, rainforests and national parks.
Minister Steve Dickson said a helicopter would fly the tourists to the coral atolls, where they would be able to camp for $5 a night.
Minister is on a mission to pay back debt:

"Unashamedly, I am looking to make money out of this," he said.
"The debt of Queensland is $81 billion and we have to think of innovative ideas out of the box.
Presumably that fee doesn't include the helicopter and at $5 a night we should be debt free in no time!?!

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