Thursday, August 1, 2013

North rules!

Building approval stats released this week were regarded as less than spectacular.

Queensland Economy Watch provides the sunshine state perspective: Still waiting for building industry recovery

Conus notes volatility in the national and state data and also includes a trend series for our local regions: Highly volatile units approvals push total down

In our local SA2 area data Cairns-North (234) surpassed Cairns - South (178) in number of approvals for the year led by Trinity Beach-Smithfield (129). No chance of any unit driven volatility in the Cairns data where that duplex in Bentley Park remains the only approval for the year. Someone should give that person an award!

ABS also published some info and stats on home ownership with Cairns LGA the lowest among large Qld metropolitan and regional councils with a 57% ownership rate.

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