Monday, August 26, 2013

Farmers Markets in Queensland

There is much interesting information in Australian food statistics 2010-2011. The fears of Bob Katter that Australia is at risk of becoming a net food importer seem to be as deluded as would be expected and the Far North is a leading agricultural region:

Also included is a report on Social and economic dimensions of farmers markets in Australia (page 50). A curious aspect here is the very low number of such markets recorded in Queensland:

The 2011 data comes from the Australian Farmers Markets Association. There is no Queensland contact listed so I'm not sure if these numbers accurately reflect Queensland. There is also a quite pure definition of a farmers market:

The following Markets are recognised by AFMA because they are committed to the principles of the AFMA Charter and best practice operating standards. Best practice farmers' markets are food markets where the stallholders are the farmers, their families or farm staff. Resellers are not permitted. The emphasis is placed on farm-direct and artisan-made food sales. Plants, seeds, flowers, worm farms, compost, fodder -  and small livestock like poultry are also included, but craft items are typically excluded.

That would certainly exclude a market such as Rusty's. A curious anomaly I may send out a query.

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