Thursday, August 22, 2013

Domestic flyers surge in July

Domestic passengers at Cairns Airport surged in July to a new high of 369,700 368,043 (arrivals + departures ex transits). July is typically the seasonal high and that represents an increase of 7.6% on July 2012.

In growth terms there has been a recovery in the last two months from some previous weakness with growth in June and July returning to the 12 month average moving average.

However the strongest growth months in the past year above 10% have been the eclipse related October and November and then Chinese new year in February (Chinese lunar new year started in January the previous 2012 year). As previously suggested those growth numbers may be difficult to sustain in the latter part of the year.

The International terminal remains problematic. As posted last month reporting of numbers re domestic and transit travellers has changed this year so I haven't graphed this: Airport update for June. While the airports own graph shows some rebound in July from previous Jetstar schedule disruptions there as yet remains no indication of any growth trend.

China Eastern direct flights are also due to commence a seasonal hiatus this month until November:


  1. Mark, I know that the composition of these numbers is rather confusing and that you are across can you please explain where you get the 369,700 number from. I've tried all kinds of permutations and must be missing something. Cheers Pete

  2. I have updated with a link to the airport statistics page. The 369,700 number comes from the first page listed for terminal 2 domestic for the July passenger numbers. However the table on page 2 lists this slightly lower at 368,043 which is what I now have updated in my spreadsheet. All the other numbers tabulated on page 1 seem to be rounded from the more detailed page 2 numbers except that discrepancy. It doesn't change the overall outcome and trend but perhaps I should query the airport to confirm. Stripping the domestic passengers at the international terminal from transits remains a problem but shouldn't be big enough to counter trends at the domestic.