Friday, July 19, 2013

Brisbane v Bush

My last post on the regional unemployment data mentioned weakness across regional Queensland in the June data. So I have graphed the unemployment rate for the Brisbane Major Statistical Region which includes Ipswich against the Balance of Queensland Major Statistical Region which does also include the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Again, the regional data here is not seasonally adjusted and there are clear seasonal fluctuations particularly prominent in the Balance of Queensland numbers. A simple 12 month moving average has been added to smooth the trends.

While 'The Bush' unemployment rate jumped in June the most significant trend is the convergence in the 12 month moving averages over the past year or so with Brisbane the main contributor to the higher Queensland unemployment rate. Possibly the public sector cuts have been at least partly responsible for this but something to watch.


Note: For the purposes of this graph I allowed The Bush to stay maroon while Brisbane becomes blue.

Update: Queensland Economy Watch has also posted on this today:  Largest unemployment rate increases over 2012-13 in metro Brisbane and Central Qld


  1. Strange that the Cairns Post and Gavin King both seemed to have completely missed the latest FNQ numbers. After making such a noise about them last month I wonder why/how that can be?! Maybe Dalton's on holiday.

  2. I believe it made the hard copy edition but who buys that on a weekday unless it comes gratis at a venue with coffee or vino?

  3. I like the Brisbane vs the bush chart title. Sorry I missed your post before posting mine.