Monday, July 22, 2013

Airport update for June

Last month I posted on some apparently softer airport passenger numbers: What happened in May?

In line with seasonal trends numbers at the domestic terminal in June showed a good bounce of 45,112 passengers compared to May. That was an increase of 7.5% over the previous June 2012 which is back close to average growth for the past year. However, trend growth may be difficult to sustain through the latter part of this year because last years numbers were boosted by the eclipse influx in October and November.

The International Terminal is more problematic which I commented on last month. The airport have changed their reporting this year as explained in their response to my query:
"Cairns has a large portion of international flights that stop at other Australian cities. This means that Cairns is unusual in that up to 1 in 4 passengers using the Terminal 1 are not actually travelling internationally. The data changes were made to reflect the true number of international passengers moving through Terminal 1"
That's good but they have done this by lumping together domestic travellers and transits and it isn't then clear to me how to separate the transits out to determine domestic arrivals and departures at Cairns on international flights. The airport also indicated that weak traffic in May was due to maintenance issues on the Japan route with Jetstar which had restricted flights but had been resolved.

However on any comparative basis the numbers in June recovered only modestly and still don't look that flash. That is before the upcoming seasonal suspension of flights by China Eastern.

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