Friday, June 28, 2013

Red tape unravels on Spence St

Kitchenslut has posted a couple of times on the requirement of the ACCC that if a restaurant wishes to impose a public holiday surcharge it should issue an entire new menu with adjusted prices. A simple statement of a surcharge of 10% or whatever did not suffice.

It was apparent that this was often abused or ignored but anyway. This week the Assistant Treasurer acted on 'red tape':
Cutting red tape for restaurants and cafés
Restaurant and café owners will face less red tape after the passage of new legislation through Parliament today, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.
The amendments to the Australian Consumer Law will mean that small businesses in the restaurant and café sector no longer need to provide a separate menu for days when they choose to apply a surcharge, such as on public holidays and weekends.
"Restaurants and cafes are a valuable part of the Australian economy, so it is important that these businesses are not subject to any unnecessary regulatory burden," said Mr Bradbury.
"These amendments will cut red tape for small business, enabling many venues that are open on weekends and public holidays to go about their business without fear of accidentally falling foul of the law."
27 June 2013
I must say I do agree with this change as the previous requirements were excessive and unnecessary. However this week also I wandered past a new restaurant on Spence St and next to the window menu, with included prices, was this statement:
"Prices subject to change without notice" 
I do hope they at least notify any changes before one orders? Note to small business: if you object to regulation then best to think, do the right thing, and communicate appropriately in the first place!

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