Saturday, June 22, 2013

Male & Female Employment

A quick post on this weeks employment data with an updated graph of male and female employment in the Far North. The Year-on-Year gain to May of 7,200 jobs being widely reported, or 5.6% growth, was the second highest among the Queensland regions. North-North West was the highest with 7.2% growth on that basis.

However that growth was almost entirely a recovery in female employment of 10.3% from what had previously been a very weak trend. Male employment grew at 1.7% which is basically in line with population.

As a hypothetical exercise if the participation rates had remained the same as May 2012 then the male unemployment rate over the year would actually have increased from 8.6% to 9.0%.  The female unemployment rate would have fallen from 9.7% to 2.5%.
Best to avoid volatile raw regional monthly data as statistically deficient even for such year-on-year comparisons. Trend data is preferred such as by Conus, and the Government Statistician adopts a 12 month moving average which results in jobs growth of 5,100 or 3.8%. I have included 12 month moving averages on the graph.
Queensland Economy Watch has posted a regional unemployment map. Macrobusiness also has a post with a break down of sector job gains and losses in Queensland.

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