Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Still Growing!

Amidst a busy week the ABS released updated regional population statistics: Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2011-12. This also includes lots of interesting commentary. Data is provided for Local Government Areas, Significant urban Areas, and SA2 level to June 30, 2012.

Growth was 1.9% for CRC and 2% for the Cairns SUA. The SA2 data within that area shows the highest growth rates were on the northern beaches with Trinity Beach-Smithfield at 3.4% and Kewarra-Clifton at 4.3%.

So growth in Cairns is in line with broad Queensland growth also at 1.9%, and above the national growth rate of 1.6%. Given the weak local economy and unemployment in recent years population growth at such rates should probably be regarded as positive.

Growth in surrounding council regions was not so strong with Tablelands 0.7%; Cassowary Coast 0.1%; and Cook 0.5%. Not surprisingly Weipa was the standout SA2 in the Far North with 5% growth.


  1. That's good news. I suspect you'll get a lot of baby boomers retiring in Cairns and surrounds over the next decade because of the great lifestyle and lower cost of living (at least relative to Brisbane).

  2. The cost of living would be contended by many, particularly talkback radio callers, and particularly petrol. However, these people always focus just on price and forget factors like lower total travelling costs AND costs such as clothing are negligible in comparison! My biggest clothing decision this year will be whether I have to buy a new jumper for winter but think I can get by!