Thursday, May 30, 2013

A kick in the teeth?

Following my latest rant on insurance and stamp duty it is interesting to observe the different reporting by our News Ltd stable mates the Cairns Post and Townsville Bulletin.

The Townsville Bulletin reported specifically on the insurance stamp duty impact on the region with local comment, including the member for Leichhardt, and a front page headline "Kick in the teeth": Stamp duty hike to add to insurance premium woes.


Meanwhile the Cairns Post could only manage a page 7 general report on budget proposals sourced from the Courier-Mail and no local comment or perspective while repeating the $25 stamp duty PR spin not relevant to Cairns: $600 slug to annual household expenses.

Update: The Townsville Bulletin continues to run with this posting another report today featuring criticism of the stamp duty raid by our Federal Leichhardt MP: State MP's urged to 'step up' on insurance
THE North's Coalition MPs appear to be running for cover after their federal counterpart Warren Entsch described the State's planned insurance tax hikes as a "retrograde step".
Mr Entsch also put the lie to Treasurer Tim Nicholls' claim the duty increase from 7.5 to 9 per cent on general insurance would only cost people $25 a year.

Still nothing at the Cairns Post perhaps it is buried somewhere in the hard copy? Surely a split between the State and Federal Cairns LNP members on a significant issue should be news in Cairns?

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  1. Disappointing. Obviously it's a huge story in Cairns, too.