Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More weather & dams

Following on from the recent rainfall post it was interesting to see this story in todays Cairns Post: Dry in Cairns region brings bumper crop
AGRICULTURE experts say the dry start to 2013 has produced the region's best fruit and vegetables in years. 
This story relates mostly to produce from the Tinaroo irrigation area. Personally, I would have thought it best to avoid premature triumphalism on the outcome in this circumstance? While browsing the BOM website it was noted that you can now get updates on dam levels including graphics. This is the most recent graph for Tinaroo:

As you can see Tinaroo is currently tracking below comparable levels in recent seasons. Despite the recent wet months further south, the northern and western dams are down on recent years. Fairbairn Dam is also well down with its catchment SW of Emerald apparently missing the rainfall into the Fitzroy catchment this time.

KS spent 7 years in Emerald during the 1990's severe El Nino when Fairbairn got rather close to empty and there were discussions on how to pump the dead storage and what would happen if coal prep plants at the mines had to be shut down. So long ago now!

Meanwhile, back in Cairns, the exceptionally well located Copperlode (sounds so much better than Lake Morris?) is at 100% which it should be at this time of year but took longer to fill this wet season with the modest March rain! Does Tom Waterhouse take bets on water restrictions?

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  1. Haha, good question. There is an emerging market in weather derivatives but I don't think TW is in that game yet. Plenty of money to be made on the footy and cricket.