Sunday, April 21, 2013

Employment breakdowns

The Labour Force Regions Brief is published each month by the Government Statistician based on the monthly ABS regional data. This provides a summary and some comparisons for each region.

This also includes a breakdown on full-time and part-time employment although the methodology here isn't specified. I presume this is derived somehow from Table 02 which includes this data for Balance of Queensland (ex Brisbane)? A 12 month moving average is used for all data.

 The regional summary provides a useful comparison of the Queensland regions.
This also provides a good demonstration of the interaction between the unemployment rate, employment, and the participation rate. This is particularly evident in the dichotomy that has emerged between Far North and our neighbours in North-NW (Townsville) as posted last month.
The 6% point dive in the North-NW participation rate still seems too extraordinary. The consequence is that while North-NW has the lowest unemployment rate in Queensland it is at the opposite end of the regional scale with employment down 4% despite good March numbers. Contrary to that Far North combines decent employment growth with the highest unemployment rate.
Note: ACTU economist Matt Cowgill recently posted analysis of the aging population demographic impact on participation rates which also provides something to think about although I doubt it could explain the fall in Townsville:  Why is the participation rate falling


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  1. The ABS regional numbers are too wacky to be credible. I'm starting to worry about the quality of the ABS staff (or contractors) they use to administer the survey in NQ and FNQ. Thanks for pointing the NQ figures out. I may post on this myself.