Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breaking News!

The Great Barrier Reef has been left off  the Lonely Planet list of the world's top ten dive sites! The Cairns Post front page today shows the outrage at this snub: Big blue over Great Barrier Reef's omission from world's best dive sites
Travel guide publisher Lonely Planet snubbed the world-famous Reef in its new list of the top 10 dive sites in the world, instead including the little-known Cocklebiddy Cave beneath the Nullabor Plain in Western Australia.
Google provides a link to the list at Lonely Planet: Top 10 underwater marvels

Dive into the big blue

1. Great Blue Hole, Belize
2. Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia
3. Manta Ray Village, Hawaii
4. Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea
5. Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia
6. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
7. Gansbaai, South Africa
8. Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt
9. Cocklebiddy Cave, Australia
10. Rainbow Warrior, New Zealand

What's that? April 2010? News travels fast at the Cairns Post!

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