Monday, February 4, 2013

Tomorrows Fish'n'Chip Wrappings

A quick tweet noted this morning from Bloomberg economic data editor Dan Petrie again shows the declining relevance of newspaper job advertising. Newspaper advertising is now a small fraction of the total and continuing to decline.
ANZ Job Ads * Total Job Ads: 133,649 (-0.9% M/m) * Internet Job Ads: 128,578 (-0.6% M/m) * Newspaper Job Ads: 5,071 (-9.2% M/m) 
The latest release is for January and ANZ do warn of some caution on seasonality in the newspaper numbers while confirming the trend decline:
The largest falls in newspaper advertising were recorded in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland, though again given the large seasonal swings, we would caution about reading too much into the January data. In trend terms, newspaper job advertising is declining in all states and territories except the Northern Territory and Tasmania.
Not surprisingly Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post made no mention of their declining job ads while employment numbers trend in the opposite direction! Possibly newspaper ads may also be more linked to the still weak construction sector and would also have been impacted by the public service austerity jihad?

Queensland Economy Watch has also posted on the latest Cairnswatch report with some observations on the trend employment data: Compelling evidence of robust recovery in FNQ. 

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