Saturday, February 23, 2013

It all depends on whether .....

There may have been floods and rainfall further south along the east coast this year, but so far this hasn't delivered an average wet season to the Far North! The graph below is the variation from the monthly average (dotted line) for Cairns Airport, where the black line is a 3 month moving average and the red line a 12 month average.

Ex-Oswald did deliver rain in January but not enough for that month to still be short of average. The final data point on the graph here is for February which is still open, and while some rain is expected is unlikely to close the deficiency.  So the deficiency so far this wet season is now around 200mm per month below average. The big wet season spike last year was in March.

Loose Change had previously intended a post on weather related events and PR spin from the Insurance Council but will defer that while he attends to a risotto .......


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  1. We've got your wet season down here at the moment, unfortunately. I'm starting to wonder how this crazy weather looks to potential interstate migrants and tourists. Not good.