Sunday, January 27, 2013

Supply v Demand

With flooded supply constraints along the Bruce Hwy it is interesting to watch where the empty spaces are appearing on supermarket shelves. As one would expect there are patchess of bare spaces mostly fresh products.

Coles at Cairns Central have done an excellent job of spreading their larger blocks of home brand cheese out along the shelves to make them appear full. However the meat shelf is a bit skinny and budding chefs may not find their imaginations stimulated by the available selections! Milk isn't too bad is that because there is a local supply?

However, as a keen observer of the quirky what caught the KS eye at Coles Central was the stripped shelves for toilet paper:


Consumer choice at work with half an entire aisle stripped bare! Has someone been hoarding this stuff or is there really a shortage of toilet paper in Cairns?

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