Saturday, December 8, 2012

De-amalgamation Dumb

Local Government Minister Crisafulli has announced that referendums will proceed for de-amalgamations of Noosa, Livingstone, Mareeba and Douglas Shires. Problem is that the Boundaries Commissioner has recommended against all but Noosa.

There are reports from the Commissioner and QTC on all four with the following QTC assessment for Douglas:

In the first year, each rateable property in the Proponent Council area will on average need to contribute an extra $701 in rates to cover the costs of de-amalgamation. In the second year, the extra contribution will drop to $462 and is then expected to increase each year based on inflation.
QTC has rated the Proponent Council as very weak. The very weak rating is supported by the following: forecast very high and sustained operating deficits, and the significant liquidity support (overdraft) required to fund operations in all of the five forecast years.
The Ministers own media statement rates the chance of long term viability for Douglas as "highly unlikely". Long term viability for Mareeba is assessed as "unlikely". Yet the referendums will proceed.

Loose Change can think of another D-word for Crisafulli related to the shape of his cranium. 

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