Sunday, November 4, 2012

War on Sugar

Loose Change posted previously on the Sugar Challenge from prominent economist Rory Robertson (currently in the employ of Westpac I believe) where he challenged research on sugar and obesity. Aussie Macro Moments continues to update the progress of Rory's war on the Far Norths most important agricultural commodity.

The latest salvo was delivered in Canberra at a discussion on the place of sugar in Australia's dietary intake.
The clear need for a tougher stance against added and concentrated sugar is where the evidence leads - and that, by the way, also is the Australian Government's current position in the draft guidelines - even if the University of Sydney and others with strong links to the sugar and sugary-food industries (Slides 11 and 12) have been busy misrepresenting the basic facts of this matter.
Rory has also published a quick tour of his credibility in earlier public debates. However, I hadn't previously been aware that Rory is a product of Cape York from Strathburn Station.

The War on Sugar may be having some impact as the sugar price has been weaker since Rory opened fire:


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