Friday, November 9, 2012

UN Tourism Report

The previous tourism post  included a reference to a recent UN World Tourism Organisation report. This includes some interesting data and graphs such as this showing international arrivals and tourism receipts recovering from the GFC to resume trend growth.

The previous tourism post also included a chart from Macrobusiness on the tourism trade balance. This table for the top ten tourism receipt nations shows the currency impact with Australia the only one to decline in local currency despite growth is $US terms.  

When it comes to international travel Australians come in at number ten despite the tyrrany of distance and now also top the list in per capita expenditure. I have also commented previously on Chinese tourism spending perhaps reflecting an elite demographic in a large population and this table shows how low Chinese tourism spending per capita is despite coming in at number three on aggregate.

Finally, the tourism growth forcast doesn't make tourism look like such a bad place to be given the wailing and screaming we have heard in recent years that Cairns needed to diversify or perish.

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