Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tourism comings and goings

Conus Consulting blog has a summary of this weeks arrivals and departures data with both showing gains and particularly arrivals from China.

Macrobusiness also posted with extensive graphs and commentary: Green shoots for Australian tourism?

This also includes an interesting comment and graph on the tourism trade balance:
Finally, the slight recent improvement in tourism numbers was also reflected in trade data released on Monday by the ABS, which revealed a third consecutive monthly increase in Australia’s tourism-related trade surplus to $193 million in September:

Also this week was noted a post at The Economist: The world still travels
INTERNATIONAL tourists are proving notably resilient to the storms buffeting the world's economies. According to the UN World Tourism Organisation's Tourism Highlights, last year there were 983m international arrivals, a 4.6% increase on 2010. And 2012 has started even better, so expectations now are for over one billion arrivals by the year end.

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