Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh dear!

Price competition is a problem??
This initiative by our government didn't make any headlines, but it will potentially hold huge benefits for the Cairns economy.
The change allows small, local businesses and contractors to compete on an even playing field for council projects.
I know so many Cairns businesses who have previously missed out on contracts because they just can't compete on price alone with big, multi-national companies. They have no(sic) a much better chance to win those contracts under these changes.
Well done to Local Government Minister Crisafulli for listening to councils and local businesses on this one.
Apparentlty price competition is something which hurts our economy? And again he is spruiking that if we all buy off each other locally we will all be fabulously wealthy? Wealth through autarky! It works for North Korea? 

Update: Info on this even via Hansard explanatory notes to the legislation is strangely scarce? 

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