Friday, November 2, 2012

Eclipse euphoria!

Cairns and Port Douglas are now in countdown for the forthcoming total eclipse of the sun. As previously speculated there is growing speculation on whether (to quote Oscar Wilde), and the probability of whether the sunrise event will coincide with a clear horizon! Were KS an eclipse gambler he would not be placing his chips on this one!!

However when it come to astronomical events KS is a cynic who still remains deeply disappointed with God for delivering during his lifetime the most dismal visitation of Halleys Comet of all time! Sorry God but you deserve crap on that one mate!

Never mind the astronomical event but rather the reported economics: Eclipse to inject $75 million into Far Northern economy

The King Parrot hit the analogy hard:  "A huge shot in the arm for the Cairns & FNQ economy". Perhaps a shot in the butt may have been more appropriate?

Ah Cairns, the junkie economy apparently?  Mind you we are far from alone when it comes to that! Why has economics become so closely aligned with drug metaphors of stimulants and injections?

Injections, multipliers and clocks rule! Yet again a primary source would be nice but remains elusive and while I suspect methodology has advanced since the worst political excesses of the Kennett years on this event economics stuff .... who knows?

Obviously an eclipse event would 'inject' less in peak season (when visitors will simply be displaced rather than additional) than it would in the middle of November. The timing of this event is fortuitous in that regard. Whether this is factored into these reports is unknown and unreported?

Open information is not that difficult really?

P.S. KS is just disappointed that he cant find a market in eclipse visibility futures!

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