Saturday, November 17, 2012

Observations on eclipse demographics


Sadly for the stoic souls who remained in the city the view of this weeks total eclipse was interrupted from The Esplanade by a particularly annoying cloud which stubbornly resisted advice on what it should do with itself. Subsequent attempts by KS to offload his $4 cardboard eclipse watching glasses on eBay have also been unsuccessful!

Radio advertisements today promote a bumper report on the eclipse in the Weekend Compost print edition, although there doesn't appear to be much online. As previously noted the brisk trade in town stripped supermarket shelves of some essential items such as bottled water and chips. The Telstra mobile network also slowed to a crawl Wednesday morning.

Noted also in social media and anecdotally were observations on the skewed demographics of the visitors. The legendary 'feral' community in the Far North appeared rejuvenated. A description of eclipse visitors as 'organic' appeared in a facebook forum, although it was felt that 'skanky' was a bit extreme! Use of the term 'hippy' itself now definitely betrays the old white men demographic.

KS observed that items such as the Woolies Macro organic brand shelves were also bare at  the CBD store. Organic muesli became scarce! It was an influx of a demographic which i'm not entirely sure was anticipated? Empirical research would be interesting.

Meanwhile the arrival of direct flights from China may have promoted a less relaxed demographic of stall operators at Rusty's Market this weekend. Dressed in immaculate white shirt and tie this man had printed material only in Chinese so I have no idea what he was promoting. I don't recall ever before seeing a stall at Rusty's operated by anyone wearing a tie? Mind you this was the least busy stall on the day!


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