Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Paul Hogan Myth (revisited)

The Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference is currently in progress at the Cairns Convention Centre. The Cairns Post has today reported a leading tourism operator at the event calling for Hugh Jackman to fill the void left by the Paul Hogan campaign, now decades past:
Mr Poon Tip said Australia has struggled to find its identity since Paul Hogan famously offered to “slip another shrimp on the barbie” in the 1980s campaign which helped Australia soar from number 78 to number one on Americans’ dream holiday list.

“The identity that Australia had when Paul Hogan was Australia’s representative was the golden days for Australia,” he said.
“He really defined Australia and everyone identified with him.”

Loose Change has previously posted on The Paul Hogan Myth. While the campaign created awareness in the USA that didn't translate into tourism arrivals, with most growth during the period coming from markets where the ad wasn't shown.

Perhaps the Hogan ads defined more how we identified ourselves rather than how others perceive us or deliver effective tourism results?


  1. A big part of the problem for the home tourist industry would be that the 3 eastern States now have synchronised school holidays. Where places like Cairns were busy 3 or 4 weeks every school hols, now they are swamped for two and flat the rest of the time. I think we need to get Fed Tourism and State Education to talk.

  2. With direct flights from China imminent I did also have a similar thought that their recent 'golden week' also coincided with our school holidays. A significant advantage of Chinese tourism for Cairns is that it is to some extent counter-cyclical particularly with the growing Chinese new year event falling during the off-season so to speak.