Friday, October 12, 2012

Rabies risk for Cape York

Courtesy of a twitter retweet today came a link to this warning at ABC Rural of a risk that rabies maybe closing in on Australia:
A Sydney University veterinarian is warning rabies is getting closer to Australia and could spread to Papua New Guinea.
The virus affects all warm blooded animals and is fatal if not treated very quickly after a bite.
At least 140 people have died of rabies in Bali since the illness arrived there with a rabid dog on a fishing boat three years ago.
Dr Helen Scott-Orr is studying the movement of rabies east from Bali and says Australia is at risk if it arrives in PNG.
"There are at least 23,000 human movements back and forward between PNG, the Torres Strait Islands and Cape York Peninsula every year," she said.
"There's a percentage of people who travel with dogs.
"Sooner or later that risk can be tipped, as has happened with Bali."
Potential security and health risks from our porous border across Torres Strait have been noted before. There have been cuts to customs in Cairns and T.I. this year although I doubt customs could be effective against such risks. 

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