Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Journalism lives!

The standards and decline of MSM journalism has been topical of late. Loose Change has in the past frequently been critical, and cynical, when it comes to the contribution of the Cairns Post to the region, and particularly some of its business commentary.

Radio is a medium which produces possibly the worst as exhibited by Alan Jones, and our very own provincial hillbilly FNQ version John Mackenzie, as well as some of the best. Enclaves such as ABC Rural often provide perspectives missed by the populist press provide worthwhile monitoring particularly given the increasing emphasis on agriculture recently referred to here at Loose Change. Those still in bed at rural report time can monitor that website link!

So it was pleasing to see our Far North rural correspondent Charlie McKillop rewarded with the inaugural Bean Lockyer Ticehurst award for rural journalism. The award related to a report on the proposed Coral Sea marine park:  Fishing to be allowed in parts of proposed Coral Sea marine reserve

Note: Notice has been forwarded that given the $15K award Moet is expected for Christmas drinks this year or at least only the finest Polish vodka! And gulf prawns!!

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