Friday, October 12, 2012

China eclipsed

About the only thing that could top the anticipation of the arrival of direct China flights is the total eclipse of the sun looming over the horizon on November 14: Solar eclipse drawing 50,000 tourists to Cairns
CAIRNS is about to get an eclipse boom with more than 50,000 tourists expected to hit the town for the rare solar event.

Hotels are booked out, campervans in Queensland are scarce, four charter flights are coming in from Japan and several ships are anchoring off the reef for the event.
Scientists from Japan have also booked out the Cairns Hilton and the rest of the city has about 80 per cent occupancy.
I did propose during this years election campaign a policy to make the eclipse an annual event to boost tourism but strangely not even Bob Katter responded!

Weather, and the probability of rain and cloud, may also become quite topical as the event approaches. 

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