Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cairns: tourism zone prostitution free?

Loose Change did briefly note the crime statistics last year and notes that this years stats have driven much commentary in Queensland. Following a decade of decline crime has GONE UP this year begads!

The Far North is typically at the top of the crime stats and again scored badly, particularly on crimes against the person. However, when it comes to crimes against property we still have work to do to match the Gold Coast!

I wont even bother to link to Cairns Post reports! There was some interesting twitterchange from Possum Comitatus however:

robbery and unemployment

seasonality of unlawful entry

Regardless, it is noted at Loose Change that Far North may even be the frst ever zone for zero prostitution offences in Queensland?  There were none, which made this the only crime zone category where FNQ was way ahead of the pack? The runner-up was Central Region with 11 offences. Prostitution as an offence continues to decline with less than 200 offences for the year in Queensland.

We also did quite well and were very well behaved for the year when it came to public urination!

P.S. When it comes to crime stats also noted is the recent debate at Freakonomics on the generational correlation of abortion with crime!

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