Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We must exterminate the Japanese?

Islamic protests in Sydney may have dominated our media in recent days, however perhaps with the much extolled imminent arrival of direct flights, racial tensions in China this week should be of greater concern for Cairns?

The photo of an Audi dealership in China is quite amazing. There are reports of Japanese targets in China being attacked. The US Defence Secretary has also expressed concern at the rising tensions.  It is quite clear that protests in China are state sponsored .

Japan remains a significant and welcome inbound tourism market and census numbers show the Japanese community among the largest ethnic resident populations in Cairns.

Apparent employees outside an Audi dealership with a banner that reads in rhyming verse: 'Even if China becomes nothing but tombstones, we must exterminate the Japanese; even if we have to destroy our own country, we must take back the Diaoyu Islands."

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