Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ships ahoy?

The Cairns Post this weekend has featured the proposals to dredge Trinity Inlet: Ships ahoy as report shows dredging will allow mega liners to dock in Cairns.
A Ports North confidential report on forward projections estimated that by 2015 there would be about 19 mega ships, some on multiple visits, docking at Cairns instead of Yorkeys Knob, doubling to 41 in 2020 and tripling to 61 by 2025. 
This will be "injecting an estimated $436 million into the region’s economy." I love the way things get "injected" into an economy. It excites me almost as much as multipliers! Reporting of "confidential reports" is also always a thing of interest.

The previous post here on this noted that the estimated cost had blown out to between $85million and $110 million according to Minister Seeney. However, the budget estimates since have only provided for the $40 million election promise over the next 4 years. 2012-13: $2.5million; 2013-14: $2.5million; 2014-15: $13.5million; 2015-16: $21.5million.

Perhaps some of that four letter 'D-word' will be considered as funding for a long life infrastructure asset with claimed (but unverifiable) impressive economic credentials?

Cairns Forum has also entered the blogosphere with a post on the cruise ship industry: Is it worth dredging Trinity Inlet?

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  1. Very complex plan and not funded, you are right. It well may end up scrapped because lots of obstacles and be yet another waste of time and money. Or more debt, oops I said debt !! Ironically to fund an increase in public servant numbers at HMAS.

    Thanks for the link, will hopefully improve over time.