Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ALP Election Review

The Queensland ALP has released a review of their devestating election defeat. There is some comment on asset sales which is interesting on the same day Julia Gillard is reported calling for electricity market reform!

My own view is that while change was inevitable and due, the scale of the result was unhinged from reality and perhaps for the wrong reasons, which includes the reaction to asset sales. I recall even John Quiggin, while opposed to privatisation from a social democratic perspective,  posting that asset sales should be considered on a case by case basis but even this didn't seem to be consistent with the party policy?

Queensland Economy Watch has recently posted on why the Queensland Government even has a nursery business? Plants not babies! In the nostalgic past Queensland had government butchers which presumably would also be protected under the ALP policy opposed to sale of public assets?

In electricity there is a difference between generation assets and transmission assets with the latter natural monopolies. This difference needs to be reflected in policy more nuanced than inflexible ideology. I would have flogged the power stations as more appropriate private assets before QR, although again the ALP union critics never addressed failures in capital investment at QR which had restricted coal industry expansion.

The review also has an interesting recommendations for North Queensland. Hmmm, it could be statistically considered that with one out of seven, and an unprecented number of shadow cabinet portfolios, the north could be over-represented in the ALP opposition?

Katter-Lite coming soon to the ALP near you? I hope not, but am fearful of this!

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