Thursday, July 19, 2012

FNQ unemployment stays stuck as Queenslanders take a break from work

The recent unusually consistent unemployment rate for the Far North has continued with the ABS data released today for June. The last 3 months have returned results of 9.3%, 9.1%, and 9.2%. That is despite some positive reports on the current season from Tourism Queensland.

Last weeks national data was regarded as weak and had many pundits peering into their tea leaves on underlying data such as hours worked and participation rates. Conus Consulting noted the odd data for Queensland where unemployment fell because of lower participation rates. The regional stats confirm some odd data particularly in regions such as Gold Coast and Ipswich.

Gold Coast participation rates were 2% lower while the unemployment rate fell from 6.6% to 4.5%.  The Ipswich participation rate fell 4% and male unemployment was an unbelievable 1.2%? Participation rates have been quite stable in the Far North for recent months.

Unusual data was not confined to Queensland and Mark the Graph noted a large jump in the unemployment rate in South Australia. This weeks regional data refute claims that this was because of a Whyalla Wipeout.

Mark the Graph has also posted on gender differences in the labour market. This has been something of a theme here at Loose Change and the updated chart for FNQ is posted below. This is not the unemployment rate but ABS estimates of numbers employed.


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