Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sugar Challenge

Economist Rory Robertson is waging a war against sugar, the Far Norths biggest agricultural industry. The former Macquarie Bank interest rate strategist and self described "former-fattie" has questioned the statistics in a recent paper, The Austtralian Paradox, purporting to show an inverse relationship between sugar consumption and obesity.

The sugar industry was apparently quite pleased for the paper to clear sugar as a cause of obesity. Robertson has alleged that the statistics used to validate the claim are wrong and put up $40,000 to anyone who can dispove his critique, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald:
“I wrote: “To be clear, I will reward the first successful researcher with $20,000 (cash), if anyone is able show beyond dispute that the available (valid) information really "…indicates a consistent and substantial decline in total refined or added sugar consumption by Australians over the past 30 years”, as concluded in Australian Paradox. Moreover, I will pay a further $20,000 to the charity of choice at the University of Sydney's low-GI school, and publish a genuine public apology in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and The Australian Financial Review. “
So far, there's no sign of anyone trying to win the money. 
Robertson was previously involved in a high profile wager with debt deflationist sensationalist Steve Keen following onset of the GFC. Keen was subsequently forced to walk from Canberra to the top of Mount Kosciuszko wearing a T-shirt that says "I was hopelessly wrong on house prices! Ask me how." when Australian house prices did not fall the 40% he had predicted. Robertson was also a critic of Peter Costello as Australia's highest taxing treasurer.

Meanwhile in other agricultural news there more northern food bowling last week at a forum in Hughendon.

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