Sunday, July 1, 2012

Port Douglas Strategic Plan

Early this year Loose Change posted on an initiative in Port Douglas with MBA students from the highly rated Melbourne Business School to contribute to a five year strategic plan as part of their final year program. Have just caught up their report which was presented back in April and well worth the time to take a look:

Port Douglas Strategic Plan: Integrative Project 2012

There is much really good information and analysis in here to consider which deserves much more comment, however to repost the key strategic conclusions:

Long term goals must be established and can be achieved by implementing four strategic initiatives

•S1 – Drive Tourism Growth: Focus the breadth and depth of Port resources to restore the allure of Port Douglas
•S2 – Focus Marketing: Target key market segments that will drive growth and reverse the “massification” trend
•S3 – Stimulate Investment: Secure “public” investment and create environment to attract private investment
•S4 – Call to Immediate Action: Agree and implement action to rebuild the “heart and soul” of Port Douglas
A point of interest here is the  reference to the "massification" trend and targeting market segments. I'm not sure how consistent this is with at least the rhetoric of the new State Government and it's insistence on restoring "Queensland" to a perceived previous status. Political interference, rather than oversight of accountable bodies in the marketing process, concerns me.

There should at least be an argument for dismantling all State tourism bodies in favour of a regional approach. Competing State tourism promotion has been identified in the past as counter-productive and wasteful.


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  1. Good post. You raise the important question about whether State tourism promotion, as opposed to national or regional promotion, makes sense. There's a great quote in the latest Monocle from an international tourism consultant saying you'd struggle to name any sub-national region apart from California or Tuscany.