Saturday, July 21, 2012

pig trotter smuggling set to boom

There was much excitement this week with the announcement that China Eastern would commence thrice weekly flights from Shanghai. Nobody has been backward in claiming credit including the Cairns Post for breaking the news:
The flights, which The Cairns Post revealed last week, will inject an estimated $35 million a year into the economy.
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Which is odd given that it was posted here a month ago based on reports in The Australian of discussions between the airline and Tourism Australia executives. What hasn't been yet disclosed is the extent of subsidies which should appropriately be public knowledge.

There are also suggestions of increased opportunity for food freight exports. However it was food imports which caused customs confiscations at Cairns Airport from Chinese New Year charter flights, with Bob Katter scathing on biosecurity controls.

With the chinese propensity for packing even pig's trotters in their luggage perhaps there are niche opportunities for local food beyond official freight exports?

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